Sunday, January 5, 2014

A vintage gift

While the rest of the country seams to be held hostage by snow...
Our neck of the south is just COLD...
Sitting by the fire I thought it just appropriate to pull out
a gift I received before Christmas...


I was gifted with six beautiful Dresden blocks all made with some
of the sweetest vintage fabric.

I love all the fabrics in these blocks...

The lady that gifted these to me had a very talented grandmother who
quilted all the time. In fact, she quilted so many quilts, that my friend had
more quilts than she knew what to do with.
Such a treat when she found these tucked into a drawer and thought of me.
I am indeed going to make my own quilt from these squares...
I so value the work of other quilters...especially those who did so
much beautiful handwork.

The vintagy goodness of these 15 inch squares is just charming...
I would sure love to hear from you about what color sashing I should use..
or backing...I want to showcase these lovelies and give them the honor
they deserve...
I hope your weekend was warm and full of free time for sewing!


  1. I love your vintage blocks. I know you will figure out some wonderful way to show their beauty.
    It's cold here too in N. Louisiana. Very cold!

  2. You might look at 30's reproduction fabric for backing. We are cold here in Austin also. Yuk.

  3. Beautiful blocks , for some reason a yellow just pops I to my head for sashing , whatever you choose I know it will look great !

  4. I would say you were lucky to get these stupendously gorgeous blocks but I know just how deserving and special you are. Enjoy them my friend because they are as beautiful as you. P xxx

  5. What a beautiful gift Lana...have you thought about the fabric you are going to use for the center of the Dresdens? That may determine what you will use for the sashing. I know Moda has a 30's Bella solid in yellow, blue and pink. It would be wonderful if you could find some vintage solids, back from the days when fabric was 36" wide. Have a wonderful week!! Happy stitching, Pauline


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