Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things on a list...

I think that everyone growing up had a Christmas "wish list", I know I did...
But when I became a grown up...
I lost that list...did you?
Have you seen yours lately?
Well, this week...
I received an unexpected, sweet phone call
that reminded me that I not only should find that list,
but that I should put it up all around me so I could see it!
Sound strange? Maybe.
Now that I am officially back in the empty-nester world, 
I think I should drag that list out, dust it off
and remember that everyone should dream!
And here's my dream...

You are looking at the Aussie Sewing Cabinet  by Kangaroo Kabinets in White Ash...

Wow...I would have a drawer!!!!

Just sit and soak that in...will you...
(all puns intended!)
I know....right???
The cabinet even folds up so when I have company
I can keep little fingers out of danger!
You see, I have a heavy sewing machine
just sitting on a $35 Wal-Mart folding table...
and don't get me wrong, I am so THANKFUL to have it!
But I sew slower so I don't bounce my machine onto the floor
and topple myself over in the process!!!
Sew there... that is my wish list...
there are only two items on it, but
wishes just the same.
What's on your list?
Inquiring minds want to know...
Happy Thursday!


  1. That is a mighty fine looking set up there, Lana. And I can see why it is on your wish list. I used two old microwave stand type cupboards and a long piece of melamine to build myself my sewing and cutting area. Then I through up some shelves on the wall, too. I am really happy with my little quilty spot in the hall.

  2. Nice cabinet. I think we all have some great sewing space on our wish list.

  3. I love those cabinets too. I need some drawers, I have zero as well. Lots of baskets to make up for it. I also am becoming official empty nesters in 10 more days. I have furniture for my sewing room on my list too. To spread out and make it look nicer. Also a new machine with a much bigger throat space for FMQ. I am sure there are others, but those are at the top.

  4. You certainly deserve to have this cabinet! It would be awesome!


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