Saturday, July 28, 2012

For my sweetie...

My sweet Bill...
So patient...

He's been waiting a LONG TIME
for this beauty...

My Swap partners at Block Swap Adventures
helped me with this quilt all last year...
and it is finally getting it's final finish
of stitching on the new machine!

I don't think Mr. Bill is too sad that I am
in my studio every night working...

Especially when it is for him!!!!

Working on my WIPs and
cranking them out...
Never a Bad thing!


  1. i hope he loves it because if he doesn't I sure do.
    P xxx

  2. Very nice. I have not put my blocks on the design wall yet to see what I have.

  3. He will be so thrilled.I'm sure he'll like the way it looks (it's beautiful) but he will love it because the love of his life made it just for him!

  4. Hola , que bonito lo que estas haciendo, te informo que
    tienes un premio de las once respuestas, que sirve para darte a conocer tu blog y para conocer un poco mas a la persona que lo hace, pasa por mi blog y sigue mis paso. Besos.


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