Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Bee Together...and a finish!

Thank you to all the ladies 
that helped me 
get enough blocks together to 
finish this quilt in time
for Christmas for my FIL.
Here are some of  the 
blocks that were sent in...

There were five blocks sent in and I made two more...
and then made the filler blocks.

 If you look really close, you can see the two I made...
or mis-made as the case may be...
but it turned out like I planned it that way,
so I left them.

 I took the original blocks and 
quartered them and then 
rearranged them to look like 
what you see above.

 The real miracle of this quilt is that 
I had the flu the entire time I 
was finishing it...right up to Christmas Eve...
my sweet hubby did all my Christmas 
shopping so I could finish.

 And it was worth it...
As soon as I handed Papa the box the quilt was in,
He said, "I hope this is what I think it is..."

Silly me forgot to get a picture of it with him!!!!

Sew..if you still have blocks you are making for this project 
my sweet Let's Bee Together partners,
Never fear...I want to use your blocks for matching pillows!

Thank you so much ladies for helping me finish 
this in time for the sweetest man... My "Dad".
I promise you, he loves it!!!


  1. The quilt is wonderful! I'm glad that the Bee group was able to help out.

  2. Oh that is so sweet...and to think you made it while having the flu. What dedication!!

  3. This is a gorgeous quilt, Lana! I know he was so pleased!


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