Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making an Important Goal...and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Today, I was catching up on some
blog reading since it's been a lazy day for me ...
and  I came across one of my favorite blogs 
and realized she crossed a MAJOR mild stone yesterday...
well, almost.

She doesn't know I am writing this...yet...

When I saw how close she was, I just couldn't help but think, 
WE - her online community 

as of 7:49 p.m. CST Sunday evening
Linda not only reached her goal,
but you all helped her go over her goal...
But if you are just reading this and willing,
Please join us...

You see, Linda
and who is also the moderator of 
was diagnosed with ALS in 2001...
She doesn't write about it...but I knew about it...
and so when I saw her little button for the ALS Walk
when I was reading her blog today,
I clicked on it to sponsor her 
and read that it was 

Continuing to read down the page 
I noticed that her goal this year was $3500
and she was currently at $3320.'s my idea...
Since the website is still
taking donations...
What do you say, we HELP her 

Visit her page HERE ~

If you donate, put your blog as the sponsor,
come back and leave me a comment - 
tell me you donated and the blog name
you put your donation under...
and I will put your name in the hat for 
a $50 gift certificate to  

I will draw on Friday, October 7th!!!

This is a WIN -WIN for all of us!!!

With Hugs on a Sunday...


  1. I donated - what a great cause and what an amazing woman to support. My blog is Sew BitterSweet Designs - I wish I could afford more than I gave.

  2. I donated anon. She's over her goal now! :-)

  3. I donated - I forgot to put my blog as a sponsor, but I did put my e-mail on there. I have to as it is a disposable visa.. which I now emptied :) I love her blog! I'm happy to help her reach her goal. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

  4. What a wonderful friend you are!! My brother in law as diagnosed with ALS a year or so ago and he is on 22 yrs of age. My daughters and their dad participated in the walk last week. ... what a wonderful cause. Bless you!

  5. What a fabulous idea! I donated under The Quilty Home blog. I love reading Linda's blog and receiving her comments and this is such a small thank you :)

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  7. Thanks Lana! I donated in both Linda's name and a friend who died this past April of ALS, Pat McCoy. I donated under Lucky Duck Dreams!

  8. I donated. I put
    as the company. Linda is such an amazing bloggy friend. Her comments are so nice. It's the least I could do. Thanks for letting us know.

  9. I just donated for her as well. Helped her reach the 5,000.00 goal on the Linda's Defeeters page! I have a friend who was struck with this disease over a year ago so this is close to home and I wish I could have donated even more.

    My blog is

  10. I did it!! Linda is now even closer to get to her groups goal! Thanks for the hijack of the Let's Bee Together, I would have been bummed to have missed the chance to help. Thank goodness I got home in time to read the post!
    Carolyn - the Veggie Hunter

  11. I just donated! Thank you for posting about this - I had no idea. :)
    Jess @ Quilty Habit

  12. I donated! Thanks for posting this!

  13. I forgot to post my blog as the sponsor, but I donated as Ella.

  14. I donated!

  15. I donated today. I don't have a blog but will show up on the donor list as "Snohpat." Just found out a friend from church choir was recently diagnosed with this. Thanks for sharing this opportunity to make a donation.


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