Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Sewing

Remember this quilt? I am restoring it and then quilting it...
I didn't realize how BIG this quilt is folded in half in this picture!
and because of work, I haven't been able to work on it too much...
Here's how it's been going.

I wasn't sure how to quilt it, but I love the look so far.
I am definitely not an expert...
Thank goodness this is for a family member that
loves the quilt, just wants to be able to use it,
and loves me...
so, I figure it's a win-win...
I will just take my time and PRAY!

Happy Saturday all!




  1. Your stippling looks great. My husband is ready for me to do a curvy design instead of stitch in the ditch.

  2. Well, I have had a time trying to get my machine to make the backside look as good as the front I am happy at this point because it looks so good on the back!

  3. I bought a butterfly quilt at Goodwill last year that I intend on fixing too. I'm glad to see others doing something I am a little afraid to begin!

  4. The curvy quilting looks great with the Sunbonnet Sues.

  5. It is coming along beautifully. I also have a top I am deconstructing of handpieced bow ties, but some of the fabric is not holding up, I hope to get enough blocks out of it for a small lap quilt. I love your Sunbonnet Sue.


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