Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Layout

 Since this is my first large quilt, I have decided to 
tackle it with a little head start which is not like me.
I usually just wing it block by block, but this one
had to be different or my dyslexic mind would
crater under the disorganization!
So my first step was to build the block.

Now, this was a little difficult since the pictures on the pattern
weren't really clear enough for me to see which
fabric went I guess I did sort of 
wing it a little bit along the way.
shhh...don't tell.

For those of you that quilt all the time on these
bigger quilts, forgive the crawling I am doing 
right now..but I haven't learned to walk just
yet when it comes to these...

 Well, this is pretty familiar territory now...
It is pretty much just working out like a 
log cabin block...
Maybe I CAN do this!!!

There are twelve blocks in this quilt and when it is all trimmed 
out with sashing, it will measure a hefty 78x78...
I know I said that last time..
but I keep thinking about that size...

These fabrics were what the original quilt was made out of 
and Courtney loved it just like it was...
I am not gonna tell a bride-to-be she can't have
what SHE wants!!!!

Sew...this is what each block will look like.
At this point, I thought about how to make it a little 
easier on myself and I prayed it would work...
I stacked 11 more blocks on each of the blocks above
and instead of making each individual block - one at a time...
I would do each step 12 times in one sitting.
Now, just because that is how my mind 
is thinking, doesn't mean it will work...after all,
I had blocks left over when I stacked them...
And in my  mind that worried me!
But I just have to believe that the pattern 
wouldn't have had me cut ALL of those blocks 
unless they have a purpose later on in the quilt...
so I cheerfully set them aside until I get to that point.

(I cheated and looked...and I don't see where else those
other blocks are supposed to go.)

But, I have FAITH!



  1. Love the colors and fabrics you are using! I like your idea of doing the same step for each block instead of doing each block individually.

  2. What you did should work. Maybe the other blocks are cut apart and used in the border in some way??? Or maybe it's a mistake??? That does happen.
    It's going to be great! You can do it!


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