Sunday, May 1, 2011


I picked these up a few weeks ago...Believe it or not,
My sweet man's dad is 80 and loves MODERN EVERYTHING!
Sew...what's a daughter-in-law to do?
These are so much prettier in person...
but here is the delimma ..
I am wondering what block style to use...
Any ideas out there?
Nothing too complicated, but
with a modern twist.

Sew...that is YOUR mission,
if you choose to accept it..
HELP me find and choose a block that
will make a queen sized quilt 
to honor him and these really pretty fabrics.
Get ready...get set...GO~
Comment away!

oh, did I mention????
The chosen idea will WIN a couple of
charm packs of their choice!!!!

Can't wait to hear what you are all thinking!!!!


  1. I just saw this and love it, I think it would look great with your fabrics:

  2. I am stuck on this -- would do a simple nine patch, but there is not enough about a modified log cabin with the darker blue in the center, and the others, each in four logs, around it...and a white or black sashing in between?

  3. Do you like this one?
    Kisses, Mª José (majogonga) Spain

  4. It may not be modern, but, I like the Old Maid's Puzzle with this layout;

    or this simple block;

  5. Lana,
    How about a log cabin block? Use wide logs (2.5 inches) to highlight your fabric. You could frame all the blocks with one fabric (grey, black, blue) How kind of you to make a quilt for your FIL. He will love any pattern you decide on.

  6. What fun fabric. What about making a mosaic block. Here is an example

  7. It's so nice having you back with us! Those fabrics are nice. How about something similar to this, but bigger!

    The first link is to a block from today's Quiltmakers 100 Blocks. The second link is for the P2 Modern Quilt Along with block instructions.
    Great fabrics for a quilt!

  9. Several suggestions come to mind - this new block was posted today with lots of variations:

    Also check out the Modern quilt along in progress at
    There are lots of block examples with instructions.
    Thank you for this fun adventure.


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