Friday, March 18, 2011

New friends...

I was able to meet up with Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling and her sister Darla from Doodling In My Mind  yesterday when they made a quick trip to Houston to see family...

Walking into the Hobby Lobby where we had agreed to meet up, I was a little nervous, but looking forward to meeting my first blog land friends! Well, they were there full of smiles and hugs and it was a delightful and fun afternoon!
I took them to our new JoAnn's Fabric store...LOTS OF STORE to visit - and then to one of my favorite quilt shops in town that was close by...Quilter's Emporium. 
I learned a lot about these women...Linda and I actually lived in the same little town in Kilgore, TX many years back where she taught school...we both love Victorian homes...and she's very close to her family and her sister, Darla - who is an artist in her own right! I hope you will click on her website above and will be amazed at what she can do with watercolors...I am.

Although we all agreed that what happened in Houston would stay in Houston....
I did promise to let you all in on a little secret from the appears that car doors that are locked in Houston also STAY locked in Houston! (See Linda...I didn't tell all, but thought you two would get a laugh...)

While we were in the Quilter's Emporium, I had the privilege of introducing Linda and her patterns to the ladies working in the shop...I am going back today to show off the quilts she so graciously left with me for my upcoming show...and maybe be able to leave some of the patterns she left with me...Wish her well! Wouldn't it be great to have her adorable patterns debut in Houston at MY FAV little shop!

Well, I wish I could show you a picture or two from our day...but - you guessed it...I forgot my phone had a camera!!!!

I promise to get some pics when I go to return her quilts in a couple of weeks!

Moral to this story...

If you have the opportunity to meet up with a fellow blogger sometime - I RECOMMEND IT!

Thank you Linda and Darla for a great afternoon!


  1. Uh, oh! I forgot that comment about "what happens in Houston, stays in Houston" and I blabbed all about it in my blog today! Sorry about that. I'm usually good about keeping secrets! :o) What a fun, fun day!

  2. Thanks, Lana for all the kind words, lunch and chauffeuring. I had a great time, came away with a smile or two and lots of memories of a fun day, and inspired once again. Can't wait for next time.


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