Friday, January 21, 2011

What a week, what a week...

Thank goodness it's Friday!
Has it been a long week for anyone else?

My work life has really been interfering with my real life for sure!
So much work, so little time!
This is what my office looked like this morning after the guys pulled an all-nighter!
Poor guys...they had a full day today too...

My Thursday night ended at midnight, but thank goodness I could do what I was working on from home!

Tonight I am being lazy. I watched the final episode of Medium (well, almost all of it), ate unhealthy food from Mickey D's, and am catching up on email and my favorite blogs!
I am really looking forward to this weekend home too.
I plan to watch a little HGTV - Divine Design
and then do a little work...(I can't seem get away from it!)
and finally-I will be finishing some blocks and a baby quilt that need to go out!

I thought I would  preview what did go out this week...
This is a block for Linda at "Let's Bee Together".
I can't show it all since she visits here from time to time! Hope she likes it!
I can't wait to show the entire thing to you all - it's a new design by Yours Truly!

It's just nice to be able to be home and be able to play a little besides just working...
Anyone else had a week like that? Feel free to share so I don't feel like I am the only one!

Here's to all of us...(you have to turn up your volume) to a great beginning to your weekend...
Stay warm and cozy!


  1. I hope work calms down for you Lana. I cant wait to see your finished block. Im finishing mine this weekend, it was my Amy's Creative side One Thing, One Week challenge. BTW I had food from CFA and watch shows while catching up on my blogs, LOL!

  2. hope things start to calm down and you can watch the rest of the medium episode :)
    looking forward to seeing the finished block

  3. I also watched Medium and was left feeling really depressed by it, so it might not have been a good one for someone really overwhelmed by work! Hope you have a free weekend to be with Bill and maybe even work at the cabin!(Although, the Mountain Cedar pollen count is horribly high in this part of the state!I can't stop sneezing and my eyes are about to itch me to death.You might not want to venture out in this.)

  4. I'll bet you ARE glad to hate that week behind you. You'll really appreciate your free time for doing what you want to do. Have fun sewing.

  5. I have had one hectic week too - going here, going there. I can't wait to receive the finished block!!


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