Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Baby!

There's just nothing better 
than a newly quilted baby quilt - 
warm from the dryer...

I used my time wisely this weekend
to finish a baby quilt 
for a girl I work with...and well,
It's what I call a texture quilt...
every other block has a different feel to it - 
so as the baby grows, they
will have fun exploring each square...

I must say, I wish I had known how to quilt 
when my children were babies!
All is not lost though...someday, 
I will be able to do this for my grand babies... 
or GB's as I like to call them!


So then I made a little something for myself...
I had a little piece of Minky Dot fabric 
and I decided since it was my favorite shade of green, 
I would just make my sewing chair a little more comfortable! 

Who said Minky is only for babies????


  1. This is such a sweet quilt. I'm sure your co-worker will love it.

  2. That is such a nice gift for a baby. It will really be appreciated.

    I could surround myself with Minky. I love the feel of it.

  3. What a darling baby quilt. Your co-worker's baby is very lucky.

  4. Love the "touchy feely" baby quilt!
    It's really a lot of fun quilting for grandchildren. I only have 2 - one a girl and one a boy and both still very young. I have a lot of catching up to do on quilts for the boy, but it is so much fun watching them enjoy a quilt that I've made for them.


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