Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding color in white polka dots...

This is another UFO that 
I have had on my list for a while...
I had seen rag quilts online and 
when Mr. Bill brought me home 
this adorable polka dot fleece a
few months back, I couldn't resist 
seeing how it would look...
It's not quite done, but I thought 
I would show it anyway.


Hubby's been at the ranch working 
all weekend, and with him gone
it's been really quiet. The puppies 
even went with him this time...
Mr. Bill sent these photos to show me 
how tuckered out the boys have been....

Sew... it's been just me
and little Cotton... 
and the hum of the sewing machine...
She wanted to be close to me when I was sewing, 
so I made her a little bunny daycare in the hallway then
she could run around and still see me...
just like a kid...she loved the sack more than
the other toys. Funny...Bunny.

Me and this little girl really miss Mr. Bill  when he's gone 
that is for sure...


  1. I love polka dots too....what a cute rag quilt it will be....have a wonderful day Lana:)

  2. Your quilt is going to be so warm and bright! Love all of the dotted fabrics. Bunnies are so inquisitive and so much fun. Love the pictures you share of little Cotton!

  3. The quilt is going to be so bright and pretty!
    And the bunny is too funny! (oh, I rhymed!)
    Hope you are having fun.


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