Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas for a friend...

Yesterday, I told you about a couple of items
I have been finishing for my friend Patty...
She's safely at the ranch, 
so she can not see these! 
(no computers at the ranch...)

They have an RV with a couple of twin beds in it,
so I made her these pillows for them...
I started the little quilt a year ago,
but was too afraid to quilt it - 


But now it is finished!!!

It is for her beautiful home.
Finally, the little pink pocket is for her 
brand new DROID phone... 
nice job, Santa!

I thought it was fun 
since the print has 
barbed wire on it...
*big grin*
Off to bed I go...
Good night everyone!


  1. Patty is a very lucky have you as a friend and for the gifts she will be receiving. You did a great job with the quilting on her quilt. Are you over the fear now?
    Happy New Year to you, your family and friends:)

  2. Beautiful
    I think she will love it !!
    Happy New Year

  3. Gorgeous work and I just love the fabrics you chose for them.

  4. OH I DID LOVE MY GIFTS.....and YES! I am VERY lucky to have such a wonderfully talented friend in my life! Lana, You are my "chosen" sister.


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