Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My October Block from Vicky!

I love my sweet husband...He FIXED IT!
I can post pictures again!!!!!
Here is the block from my block swap that Vicky sent
me from FL!  She's been moving and packing all month and
she still found time to do this and send it off to me!
It arrived on My BIRTHDAY too!
Thank you Vicky! I really love love love it!

whew! I am a happy woman again!
Thank you Mr. Bill...   :)


  1. Hubbies are good for stuff sometimes....3 cheers! I like how she arranged the rail fence blocks (that's what they are, right?). Created a great design!

  2. Yes, I just love the colors so much! I am going to build on that for sure!
    Man I have missed being able to be here! You guys are my fun friends!


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