Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to basics

Now with ample time away for personal items...
it is time to go back to basics!

I have been working on some fun things
in the past few weeks...
and although I can't tell where this one is going...
I can show what it is...unfinished as it is...
This is my rendition of the candle mat for the swap!
I just fell into this pattern, and I think I like it...
ever make anything you wish you didn't have
to send out?  I think I will just make one for me
in the same fabrics!

After it's all cut out...finding the right layout is key

This was the fun part...piecing it all together

I took out the middle square to do a little twist...

I loved the way this looked...

And so then to try it out...

See? Doesn't Santa look happy to be the center of attention?

I will put a backing on this today, bind and quilt it and off in the mail
it will go tomorrow to it's new owner!
I hope she likes it. She asked for you think this will fit the bill?


  1. Doreen , Houston, MNOctober 31, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Love it! Think it will be the perfect project for a Christmas exchange I'm doing.

  2. Where you took the middle square out.....I was wondering if you were going to leave the pretty flower block in the middle....then I realized it was your ironing board cover!

    Nice recovery on the middle square! Santa looks at home.

  3. This is just wonderful - I so want to quilt !!

  4. Lana - I am having some computer problems today - I emailed you to let you know I have received my lovely prize - commenting here just in case you didn't receive it - Thank you sooooo much ;)

  5. Hi all, so glad Patty you received your prize! I had fun doing it! For everyone else...thank you for always commenting and the sweet way you all do it. You really make my days nice. :)


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