Thursday, September 23, 2010

Need a little help here.... *sigh*

Well, I worked on this quilt top this week...and although I really like the individual fabrics...
and the pattern ( Swirly Girls Design - Patchwork PDQ)...

I need some color swatches to look at ladies...any ideas?

Take a picture and email it to me or send me a fabric website or suggest a fabric...

I just sat a dark brown piece of fabric next to it to see what I thought.
ALAS....Still not doing it for me.

If I were on Project Runway OR Design Star...
this would be my undoing! I'd be sent home!
I would be hugging everyone goodbye!




  1. Head over to ... they have color matching on their website. Bet they'd be able to help you come close with their multitude of fabric choices and suggestions. Looking at your sunflower in the picture frame in the right hand side of your blog, maybe your need a little bit of gold to go with your browns, creams and green.... Best of luck!

  2. I am really new at this, but as I looked at your quilt top, I immediately thought it needed some really bold outlining IN the mix of fabrics. I think you don't like having the SAME size squares with those colors, so I would mix up the sizes of the squares and add a border around each 9 square block. I think I would think about making a 9 patch (like the tutorial at MQSC tutorial)taking 9 blocks and cutting IT horizontal & vertical, changing some of the block sizes. Once I did that, I would put a bold border around my new blocks and then try some of bold color in the border. It almost looks like the bold brown is an added on thought after your quilt is done, rather than being part of the quilt. I think it needs to be inside the quilt, too. If this sounds like too much work - maybe one big cut - putting something bold (like an embroidered square directly in the middle, outlined with the same border you'll use on the outside would help give a focal point.
    OK...just thinking for you! Hope it helps your creative juices flow! Debi

  3. Im trying to send u a pic, cause it wont post here... The intro of blue is my opinion, and Im sending some FQ's for u to see them all tog.
    Hope u like!

  4. Great Ideas! and GREAT fabrics!
    The funny thing Debi is that there are two 10 in blocks in each just cant see them!!!!
    But I have only sewn one row of block together, so I won't mind taking them apart...
    I think I have an idea...

  5. Perhaps adding some sashing since you said you don't mind taking them apart.

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