Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clean-up on Isle 7...Finished!

Well, I was right...
I was up until 3 a.m.!
Do you know how many infomercials are on at that time?
I DO!!! it is...
All Clean.
All ready to work...
Wow, now that I look at it..maybe it's a little too clean...
I know. I need help.
But I also know...It won't take me very long to mess it up again!!!!
Happy Thursday Everyone!!!
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Trick for Readers...set your wall calendar ahead...It will not be outdated for a little longer...

My little stash closet...

I organize according to types of fabrics...not just color...

I have to say...I do like it...

Don't you love odd little baskets?

And finally...CLEAN FLOOR!!! (I don't see any cords...and neither do you.)



  1. well done! very nice indeed....but a little boring :) i bet there will be thread on the floor and material on the bed in no time!

  2. You forgot to call me to come help you! I would have kept the iced tea a going not to mention our stories we could be a tellin while we cleaned. It looks breathtakingly beautiful especially the wicker mirror above your gorgeous ironing board cover you so skillfully made!!!
    I love you! P~

  3. How wonderful! Would you like to come help me now? LOL!

  4. What a great sewing space you have. I love the way you have the baskets of fabric upright so you can see the whole stash at once. Very inspiring!


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