Friday, January 24, 2014

A Special Meeting...

Meet Miss Sue.
She is a sweet lady that I met here on my blog.
Almost every time I have posted..
She has commented. Always kind, always encouraging!
Whenever I see her name, it makes me smile.
This past week, this sweet lady mentioned
to me she was coming to Houston
for business.
I took a chance and asked her to dinner.
She accepted...
and was so nice to put a face to all those comments.

 We had a really good time...even in a very
noisy restaurant...but we talked about all
our favorite quilting blogs, fabrics and fabric designers.
Before we knew was 10 o-clock! Wow!
We even kept talking once we  reached her hotel!
Such a lovely lady...just look at her...
It is so true...but quilters are some of the nicest people...
I opened my mailbox and saw a package.
I thought it was something else I had been working on
until I opened it.
I realized it was Sweetwater's new line called Road 15.
I looked a little closer...
and there was Miss Sue's name.
What a wonderful surprise!
Thank you Miss Sue...
For this lovely fabric!!!! from my favorite designer...
in my favorite colors!!!!
But most of all, thank you for always being such a
bright moment in my comments section...
and for the really FUN time meeting you!!!!
Hugs Hugs Hugs!!!


  1. Lana it was such fun. We certainly could talk both of us.

  2. What a lovely surprise. You are so right Lana - quilters are the nicest people and you are my favorite. Love P xxx

  3. It is always fun to meet up with blogging friends. I've had the opportunity to meet up with a few blogging friends, one from Australia last year at the AQS Quilt show in Lancaster PA...I sure wish we could have had more time...a sweet sweet lady. I also met up with a blogging friend in Salt Lake City when I was visiting in 2011, another fun visit. Yes quilters are the nicest people. Happy stitching, Pauline