Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Passage of time...

Today marks this little guy's 2nd Birthday...
Boy! the time has flown by.
As his Gigi, I can tell you...
I completely love this little boy.
He had my heart strings from the first moment I met him.
He has been a true gift from the Lord...
So if you don't mind, I wanted to share him with you...
Today...on his big boy day...
I know you other Gigi's and Mamas out there
will understand...
Something happens when a new life enters a family...

Your perspective changes about EVERYTHING...
You no longer care if the kitchen sink is clear of dishes if
it means you can't stop and play with a little one.

It just doesn't seem important to be so busy that you miss
little moments like these...

Simple things become BIG EVENTS...
and even in these moments...
your heart melts, yet again...
and you don't mind the tears...
You want to comfort and love them to their core.

For you know...that this time comes and goes so quickly.
There is no greater joy this side of Heaven to me...
than being a Gigi.
Happy Birthday Little Holdyn...
I hope you always know that you are so loved...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For The Boys! Day SIX...and I am UP!

First of all, I wanted to say a HUGE Thank you
to Madame Samm over at SEW WE QUILT 
and the For The Boys Cheerleader,
Little Miss AMY from
for this wonderful little hop!
I have loved looking at everyone's
I have two little grandsons and another one on the way...
all that I this is the perfect little hop for me!
My little GB Holdyn inspired a couple of these,
and with his birthday coming up the day before
Thanksgiving, I wanted to put together some things just
for him...
His first love, AFTER HIS GIGI (of course)
So i thought, what better thing to put out
here on the Runway...

I made it soft and fun and just the right size for his little hands...
I used a button for the propeller...and it is tacked on really tight!
I added a windows...and a tail fin...
His favorite colors are blue, red and apple green!
I can't wait to give it to him!

It was a super simple drawing, then cut out of two favorite fabrics...
just a little handsewing...and TADA!
Holdyn's OWN Airliner!
My next little project was for Mr. Holdyn too, as he recently
moved into a new home...
He loves to have pillows to lay on the floor,
and he loves ANYTHING soft...
So...I made this oversized pillow and blanket for him..
Then there was this little boy's quilt I finished earlier this month...
I just loved the colors in this...

and finally...
I was given some old baby blankets to re-purpose
for the next generation...
I didn't want to ruin the original blankets..
so I just added batting and new facings...
I thought they turned out soft and scrumptious...

And...well, that's all for me...
They are such a TREAT!!!
November 13th
It Seams to Be Sew.... You are HERE!

Friday, November 8, 2013

For The Boys Day 3!

Madame Samm  over at SEW WE QUILT 
and the For The Boys Cheerleader,
Little Miss AMY from
have made this one of
the best little hops yet!
Happy Friday Everyone!!!
November 8th

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

For the Boys Opening Act!!!!


Our blog hop For The Boys begins tomorrow!!!
In the spirit of my creations...and why I joined this hop...
I thought I would share a little funny from
one of my G-Boys!
Meet Mr. Holdyn...
and we will see you tomorrow!!!
November 6th

Friday, November 1, 2013

For The Boys....A Blog Hop!

Get READY!!!
Madame Samm  over at SEW WE QUILT has done it again!
She and the For The Boys Cheerleader,
Little Miss AMY from
are geared up to make this one of
the best little hops yet!
I am sooo excited about this hop that starts Nov 6th!
I sure hope you will
After all,

November 6th
November 7th
November 8th
 November 11th
November 12th
November 13th
It Seams to Be Sew.... this is ME!!!
November 14th
November 15th