Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blocks and more..

If you've ever had the flu...and I mean a REAL know that it takes some time to get over it...
Since before Christmas I have been sick...and now...FINALLY!  I think I am on the mend!
The worst thing about being sick this year was I missed seeing this little face...

But with my new energy...I have not only gotten to see my little gb again, I have been back in the swing of things!

Catching up has been a fun treat...
Here are some of the blocks that have been sent out this week to some lovely partners that have been so sweet....

These two log cabin blocks went to Penny in NC - I loved the illusion of the white picket fence at the bottom that the striped fabric gave them - it's almost like looking out a window at a garden...

This block went to Lori in WI - I have never made a pin wheel block...but this one was a fun learn!

And then, who could resist starting a new project in a new this is also on the design board...
I am a HUGE Sweetwater Fabrics Fan...and am using my last little bits to create a quilt for my guest bedroom...the first quilt I have ever made for myself...

If you don't recognize the book, it is Sweetwater's Simple Home...
The entire book is WONDERFUL!

I have enjoyed being back in the studio...
 and catching up on all my favorite blogs...
All of you are already off and running on some GREAT projects!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!



  1. Glad you are feeling better again and getting back into some wonderful projects.

  2. I see you are a member of Block Swap Adventure. Maybe we will be swappers some day. Love your blocks. So spring-like.

  3. Glad you're feeling better!! I'm currently dealing with a horrible headcold ... but then, thankfully it hasn't moved down to my chest as it has DD!! She has a horrible chesty cough ... unless the cough medicine is suppressing it! ... Your blocks are wonderful - the log cabins especially!! ... And I look forward to seeing your guest throw quilt ... those fabrics will look gorgeous in it!!!

  4. Lana,
    It's beautiful...
    will look forward to it!
    I sure love the colors from here :)
    I love the logs as well...nice & neat sew-er you are!
    (yes, I teach home-school) ha-
    I am wondering where did you get the directions on the postage stamp?, & do they all start at 1 1/2" ?
    You did a beautiful job...
    Glad your feeling better :)
    Thinking of you~Blessings~

  5. I LOVE the log cabin blocks. The colors really speak to me! And the GB is adorable!!!!