Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ever do this?

Please tell me I am not the only one that does this...
Remember this?

 I loved this fabric combo when I started...
and it was perfect for the table runner I had in mind...

 But then, my vision began to change...
so I made a few cuts.

 And in my mind's eye, I was thinking...
Neat! I haven't seen this pattern before...
I might have just come up with a 

 But then, If I am going to do that...
perhaps I should take another little 
gamble and cut this a little more but at an angle...

 WOWZERS! I think I am really going
to have an eye popper!
(still my mind's eye talking here)

 OH MAN...if this works out,
I am going to be asked for how I put this together...
You know...someone MIGHT want this PATTERN....
(My mind's eye is now twitching with delight!!!)

Three hours later, I am beginning to 
just get FLAT OUT GIDDY!
(Mind's eye is twinkling at the beauty of my newest creation...)

 Four hours in...
(Mind's eye is squinting...does that actually look
like an ironing board cover now?)

Good grief.

 Five hours in...
(Mind's eye is thinking, "OK, I was a little off
track, but now...maybe...)

 5.5 hours in...
(Mind's eye is dimming...)

 7 hrs in.

(Mind's eye is dry...
and sorry for all the the thinking...
and now just wondering
does anyone else's eye cause them this much trouble?)

Four days later...

still wondering ....


Please share some ideas....
I am out of eye drops.



  1. Hi
    DON'T STOP!!!
    I love the tree and the two designs with the hexagons in the middle - above the 3 hour comment. I think that this would look lovely and very spring with two trees at the ends and the hexagon thingies in the middle - very technical term. Then you could call it "skipping grandmas path".
    Love the colours and the look of how they are going together. Hope you finish it.

  2. I love the last picture with the tree! And no you are not the only one. I "sometimes" start something and partway through it think "Oh, I have a better idea!" It often does not get finished.

  3. My mind started clicking on the 7th picture - nothing I could put my finger on but I really liked the octagons around the middle

  4. It was great going through the creative process with you. I'm one who follows patterns so I'm no help in "what comes next" in free form. Love the colors you are working with and the different designs you have created!!

  5. Love the tree! Sometimes you have to put something aside until you can look at it with fresh eyes! Its a "can't see the forest for the trees" sort of thing. You'll get going again when you're rested!

  6. Love so much of it! The colors, the cool unexpected patterns ... love it. And yes, I'm there a lot. I often have to retrace my steps to remember where I started and if where I am is where I meant to go.

  7. Looks great and the tree is fantastic but I think you should have given yourself a break as after 7 hours I wouldn't have been able to see straight. I need to put things aside after I've done a creative marathon and not look at them for at least a week or they are likely to feel like a chore if I can't expand on the idea quickly.

  8. LOL LOL LOL LOL! I cant stop laughing! It great! Your post is making me dizzy! I say go away and let it simmer awhile! You are too close to it. BTW I love the various beginnings and the place its at right now.