Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Clean Start...

 There's nothing like a clean start...
moving a bed out of a room...
knowing it is YOURS completely...

 And it all started when Mr. Bill bought 
a table like this one for the ranch...
I realized then that I needed one 
just like it to cut on...
Well today, He brought me another one 
home just like it...YAY!


(remember the bed I used to cut on?)

 That was just the push I needed to get back in 
there and clean up from all the
projects I have been working on
this summer!

I have a few items to work on today...
and then tomorrow...
two pairs (or more....)  of these for my

Happy Sewing everyone!


P.S. Several ppl have emailed asking about the table...
It is from Wal-Mart and it is $35 or $36 before tax...

Very portable, affordable...and for me - NOW Indispensable!!!!


  1. Lana, your room looks great. I have tried cutting on a bed. I did not find it easy. Glad you have a great new table for cutting now.

  2. I'm now heading to the basement to tidy up my sewing area....yours looks so clutter free... family is coming tomorrow for 4 days...hoping to get lots of finishes done....wish me luck on cleaning my sew area and the finishes!!lol

  3. Your sewing room looks perfect. Congrats on getting your own space!! How nice of Mr Bill to bring you home your very own cutting table :)
    I look forward to seeing the cute little baby shoes you are creating!

  4. My sewing room was looking good until last week when I started pulling out tubs of fabric looking for fabric for a new project. I guess I had best get cracking so I can clean up again.

  5. I'm not lucky enough to have a large cutting surface.. except for a bed in my new sewing room. I'd love to know HOW you were able to cut on your bed. I tried to cut on my carpeted floor, but found it gave while I was cutting with the rotary cutter, and I thought that was not giving me an accurate cut. Did you put a board down or something? I am a new quilter, and just getting going, and I want to do things right.

  6. How wonderful of your guy to buy you a new table:) I still have to cut on my bed. It works OK when accuracy is not needed but not so much with the rotary cutter. I have to lock the dogs out of my room when cutting because they think that the bed belongs to them and jump up on top of my fabric, and then get freaked out because the cutting mat doesn't feel right, and then scamper to run off- it really is as amusing as it is aggravating:) Love your sewing space and wish mine was as neat:)

  7. Love your sewing room. I have the bed sort of out of mine - just two blow up beds in here right now for the grandkids but they stack up on the floor so no worries. I have a big table too just as soon as DH gets it out of the shed but right now I am using a smaller one and have my sewing machine on it on top of my large mat with another mat too - oh and it's not perfect yet but it will be. I just need a comfier chair than the one I"m sitting on. Okay I'll stop moaning now it's so much better than doing it in my dining room.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx