Sunday, April 3, 2011


Alright bloggers....In Lana's absence I thought I would (hack) I mean fill in for her while she is away visiting family. I thought it would be fun and uplifting for her to come back home with some fun posts from her blogging friends. So here goes......a little history of how Lana and I became friends.

Lana and I met in 1992/1993 at church in Kilgore Tx. She was very friendly and truly reached out to me and our family. She invited me to work with her on making some gift baskets for the lady missionaries that were speaking to our church at the time. Since we both have the creative bug we really hit it off!  That was just the beginning. Lots of times we would find ourselves sitting out front of our kids school (sometimes still in our pj's) for hours just chatting in our cars, or we would visit each others homes and clean together or do laundry or decorate wreaths. We experienced our childrens childhood diseases together and learned all about lice and other yucky bugs.
She also had to play "mom" at my daughters birthday as I was in the hospital giving birth to my youngest son.
Through the years and now miles we have remained close. She has taught me many things and supported me when I needed help or just and ear to vent to when life seems so hectic and frustrating. She has even pursuaded my husband and I to buy land in West Texas very near her ranch so we can retire together and have a quilting shop! None of which I know anything about.
As with any woman our talents grow and change. Some become our main interest until we find a new love. Lana is no different. She has many wonderful talents besides being a wonderful seamstress/quilter. She also has a beautiful singing voice. She can tole paint, cut hair, photography and even calligraphy. These are just a few but I hope you can see that Lana is a special person. So, since Lana is my "chosen" sister I would love to hear about your best friends. How you met...a special talent or how they have been a blessing in your life.

I pray you all have had a great Friday night sew in and weekend. Lets make this next week a positive one! her absence, Patty


  1. How sweet that you have written about your special friend and even surprised her by "hacking" into her blog! Lana will, no doubt, get a good laugh from this.
    Good friends are like sisters. In fact, my sister IS my good friend. We have a blast together....being silly or rarely, being serious. We share not only memories but hopes and dreams.
    Lana, how blessed you are to have a friend like Patty!

  2. Patty, how sweet of you to hack into Lana's blog! Some may wonder if it is evidence of a truly perverted mind or a truly wonderful friend....I know you are the latter of those.

    I am the sister of Linda (the last comment) and we are best friends as well as sisters. We, too, have talked about going into business together, living together as old ladies and we refer to ourselves as the pixelated sisters from the old classic movie Arsenic and Old Lace or was it Harvey with Jimmy Stewart. (You are too young to me!)

    As you would suspect, we have those special jokes between us that can set us off into fits of giggles (hopefully, not in church....again!)and we excuse each others mistakes and usually laugh at them later. We know the things that make us uncomfortable and we know how to spur each other on. We are each the others wings.

  3. Patty, what a very sweet post. How wonderful to have such a special "heart" friend that is closer then a sister. I have such a sister friend. She lives over 1000 miles away, but whenever we are together, it is like we've never been apart. We met 12 years ago and our friendship grew over the years. The last time I was visiting her in the frozen north, she shared with me that she felt closer to me then her own sister. What a sweet blessing to enjoy that kind of relationship with someone. We try to talk and catch up pretty often, and get together at least twice a year. I do not have any sisters, but she has been closer then a sister to me. She is someone I can share my heart with and not feel like it is going to be spread everywhere. Thanks for opening up this great discussion. And I wish special blessings on you and Lana :-) It is truly rare to find such a treasure as we have.

  4. Patty that was a sweet post. When you recognise that a friendship that is that special then you are truly blessed. I am lucky -I have three best friends - we are not sisters but we call ourselves the sisterhood! We met when we each had a child in Year 1 and have slowly grown closer over the years. We have endured losing one of our number to cancer two years ago and that made us more protective, and at times assertive, with each other - don't even think about not going to the Dr if there is something wrong or for those unpleasant but essential regular tests. We have learnt how important that can be. We are always counting each other in our blessings and being thankful that we came together and personally I don't know what I would do without them!

  5. Sweet post of you and your friend. I am lucky to have two great sisters who is also my friends.
    Millie from TX