Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A supporting role...

I have two lives.
One is consumed during the daytime and involves a full-time job....
The other is my life at home.
Never shall the two meet...
But I find myself at work thinking more and more about home.
Some days it is just hard to concentrate on work, when I know at home I have so many pressing issues.
The house, my sewing, my puppies, Cotton and of course and most importantly, my Bill. When the kids are home, the pressure is even greater.
The other day, I had mentioned to Bill that I needed a side table to help support my quilts when I am wrangling them through my little sewing machine. He stopped what he was doing to come in and survey the issue...that all by itself was neat that he cared enough about a hobby I have to come and see what I wanted.
The next day, he was working on it.
Today, it was finished and in my sewing room...and it is just what I requested...even down to the matching table top.

This little table will be a huge help and is portable to take to any room I need it to follow me to if I am working on anything.

It will provide the support I wanted and more.

But as I was writing this, work crept into my home life and reared it's ugly head...once it was all handled, there was my Bill with a hug and soothing words.
Then it occurred to me.
My table isn't just a support for my quilts, but a constant reminder from now on that my sweet man, who has never sewn in his entire life - who doesn't know really why I am so compelled to sew, create or dream...
is living two lives too.
One is consumed with work during the day just like me, only much harder.
The other life for him is consumed with trying to find ways to be supportive of me.

I noticed honey...Thank you for everything you do for me...
even when I am dreaming.


  1. I don't work outside the home anymore.. I work inside the home.. but my hubby is just so supportive just like yours. It is amazing when you find the right man.. they are just SO wonderful. You always think about them and their feelings, and they always think about how you are feeling.. THAT is how it works!! SOOOO sweet! Good men are wonderful!

  2. Our husbands sound much alike. Always there for support and love - even when we don't think we need it. Best of friends, soul mates - whatever tag you want to add - that's our husbands! Wonderful table Bill created for you!

  3. Great post and great story of a loving supporter! Love the table. I was in my 20s and worked for almost 10 years before I met and married my husband. I've been a homemaker ever since, and that's been over 30 years ago. My husband takes time out for most things I ask for, and I'm praying for good like-minded men for both my daughters.

  4. I am just now getting back to reading blog posts, but this one really touches my heart. I, too, have a man like yours who finds time to be supportive of my interests - even after long, hard hours at work. I thank God several times a day, every day, for the blessing that he is. We've been married 40 years and I have never regretted it. The hard part is trying to think of ways to outdo his unselfish generosity. Bill sounds so much like my Doug.