Monday, January 31, 2011

Just like the song says..."I'll be loving you...Always..."

Everyday, I stop in to check on Joanne - to see how she and her sweet family are doing...
If you have joined me in praying for her, you will thrilled at today's update...This is copied from a post her husband made today...
I am constantly in awe at the love that he has for his wife...
I hope this will bring as big a smile on your face as it has mine...

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From Toben

Well, we are now 20 days into this experience. I can't begin to describe the ups and downs our family has gone through.  I won't even try. Some of them are really sacred moments that will probably never be shared outside the family. Others have been more public, shared on-line, because the need for prayer was so great.
And the prayers have been many and God has heard and answered. 10 days ago we had no idea that she would come so far. 10 days ago Joanne was in a coma. Ten days ago the swelling in her brain was still critical. 10 days ago she was on 15 different medications and IVs. 10 days ago a ventilator was breathing for her. 10 days ago we weren't sure if or how she would come back to us.
Today she is awake from time to time, eyes open and tracking. Today her swelling is all but gone and the pressure in her head is at a minimum. Today she is on only 4 meds (two anti-seizure, an antibiotic, and a blood thinner). Today she is actively making her way back. Today she can squeeze a hand, give the thumbs up and the "I Love You" sign. Today, if the mood strikes, she can smile!
I am ready for what the next couple of weeks will bring--both ups and downs. We are really going to get a sense of what she's capable of. I am hoping that she will get off the trach sooner than later--that's means she will be able to speak if she is able and wants to. And maybe even be able to eat a little bit. Sounds like the PT and OT folks are ready to put her through a couple of hours of active therapy a day which is great. As an avid runner she has such amazing muscle tone, but she has lost much of it over the last few weeks. She has rebuilding to do.
On another note, the girls are off to school again today. No complaints or concerns from either of them.  Denver Christian has ben AMAZING! Can't imagine what it would have been like to get them into a school that they were unfamiliar with.  At DC, as Audrey has said, it feels like going home.
I love the huge window in Joanne's room. Today we are watching the snow falling outside. Wish she would wake up and take a look at how beautiful it is. All in good time.


  1. Yes, it did bring a smile to my face, Lana. So good to hear that there has been definite improvement with Joanne. I continue with the prayers for her and her family daily.

  2. So glad to hear Joanne is improving....definitely made me Ü. Positive news is so welcomed these days. Thanks for the update...praying Joanne continues to improve and has a complete recovery.

  3. Thank you for sharing the update on Joanne. Such wonderful news!