Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the house grew quiet...

The house has been full of wonderful noises...Jillie barking, the kids playing Monopoly into the wee hours of the morning, little Cotton escaping only to run back to her little house being chased by Jillie barking...LOL!
The last of the children left today from our home in Sugar Land and Bill and I are here finishing up some odds and ends so we can head back to the ranch for the New Year!
Our dear friends, Patty and Butch are going to be there and we are looking forward to a hopefully new tradition that will follow us into our retirements! 
Here are some of our Christmas Pics from the ranch...
they may look meager to some, but to us,
it was heaven...
Our Texas Tech daughter helping put up our freshly cut tree...Cute isn't it?

And of course Mr. Bill putting the lights on...that's a man's job!

This one speaks for itself! LOL!

Can you tell she's a college kid?

Only a few of our gifts...not all the kids were able to make it to the ranch...

I love this man.

You aren't seeing double...Miss Cotton is on the right...and Mr. Keen is on the left...Our daughter brought her little rabbit...and Miss Cotton is NONE too PLEASED...

This is what our daughter gave us is perfect for our new home at the ranch...

and, it's not Christmas Eve to me without this...

That's Bill's dad...he came over to the ranch for our dinner...sweet man.
We had a wonderful time at the ranch - our home there isn't finished, but well on it's way
and we just wanted to give Mr. Bill this time to enjoy what he has made...

I have been sewing this week...and there's a bunch to share...
but I cannot show it, since Miss Patty reads my blog!
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. It looks and sounds like a delightful Christmas. Christmas is just not complete until we watch It's a Wonderful Life. What a great movie!!!

  2. In the future (if not now), you will treasure this picture at the table....You don't have to have a finished house to enjoy company and special occasions.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your family with us through your pictures.