Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fall into MY DAY...A Tammy for All Seasons!

I am so glad you stopped by today!
I was supposed to be showcasing this on Tuesday of this week,
so I am REALLY glad to be here today!
This blog hop SURE couldn't be possible without the 
awesome cheerleader Mary at I Piece 2-Mary and our 
dear friend Madame Samm...
I can not tell you how much learning I have 
done on this hop...and how much I appreciated 
all their help and encouragement!

I also can not tell you 
have been!!!!

I so appreciate when our SPONSORS
show up and SUPPORT us the way they do...

BEAM N READ ( led light)
Brooke's Books ( seasonal vintage counted cross stitch designs)
Chitter Chatter ( applique and embroidered pinnies)
DMC ( heads and aida cloth)
H.A.KIDD ( monaco fabric)
MsAppleHeart ( Tammy Bag Pattern)
READERS ( best readers on the market for those who need to see their patterns
up close and personal) 
SNAP SOURCE  ( great gadget for adding snaps to our bags)
Yarn TREE  ( q-snaps)


Here we FALL!!!

This was my FIRST cross stitching project ever.
Why would I sign up for this hop?
Well, I wanted to see if I could do it!
I see many others just like me....YAY FOR US! 

I really did enjoy the process! It's addicting!

Now...I have to admit, I ripped it out four times...ok..
Really, it was FIVE TIMES.
But, after a little tutorial review from
Madame Samm's blog post, I FINALLY
realized what to do...
Keep trying and start with beginner materials!

Just a plug here for DMC threads...THANK YOU!
They were smooth and didn't tangle
and they transform in a pattern...
They look just like colors until you put them together...

See that little magnet?
I could even put my needles on it when I was 
changing threads!!!! 
LOVE THESE!'s something that I figured out that I STILL NEED...
a VIDEO of how to attach these handles...I know it has
to be easier than the way I did it!
But It is on and I wasn't going to take it off!!!
I loved this TAMMY BAG pattern...all those pictures...
My kind of TUTORIAL!

And this little jewel...GREAT PATTERN too!!!
I had a little fun with it...and I loved the Flea Market Fancy fabric...

This was the fun part for sure!
Staging these in the SUNSHINE!!!!
We have had rain and clouds for what seems as weeks!

Overall, I learned a few things..

I couldn't have done this with out my readers from
I am just too blind!!! I loved that they hung on my neck
when I had to get up and take a break and I could always find them!!!

My Q-Snap Frame made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! 
It held my cloth perfectly without stretching it out of shape
and it was easy to carry around because it could be 
broken down to fit in my purse.

DMC...You made this project BEAUTIFUL.

I am not a superwoman...This is the only pattern I finished...but
I am so glad I didn't give up!
(and I wonder where can I find that outfit in real life...isn't it beautiful?)

It's always worth it to ask for help...even if you are
worried what someone will think about 
why in the world would you sign up 
for something if you had never done it!

Will I do this again?



Because Cory and Brooke's other patterns are

And this folks is my first finish of 2015!!!!

Thank you for stopping by today...
I do appreciate it!
Now go visit these lovely ladies...

I am in awe of all their talent!

January 16, 2015

Julia Plunkett will post on Sewwequilt
It Seams To Be Sew (you are here)


  1. BRAVO and well done! I know what you mean about being addictive! I just got an envelope in with 12 more of Brooke's patterns! ha!

  2. Your Tammy and Pinny are beautiful! The print fabric matches perfectly. Stitch on and thank you for sharing.

  3. Your Fall Tammy and pinny turned out wonderful. That pinny is so pretty. I love that fabric and you also took some great pics of the bag and pinny. You did a great job with the frame even though you struggled with it. Getting those on is a challenge. I'm sure once we get it figured it wont be anymore. Maybe Thearica will do that video tutorial to help with that. ;)

  4. You did a wonderful job on your Tammy Bag and Pinny. I love how it turned out. You did great for your first time. Glad to hear you will do it again. Keep up the good job.

  5. Wonderful job on your Tammy and pinny. Love your choice of fabrics too. Your photo shoot is great. You were lucky to have all that sunshine.

  6. It is so cute. Glad you stuck with it.

  7. Congrats on a beautiful job well done.

  8. Wonderful Tammy Bag and Pinny, and such lovely pictures!

  9. let me say first...WOW>...first time x stitching and your fall is beautiful...every stitch looks like you have been doing it that you just did not give up and your photos and pinny are beautiful...WOW, prove that picking one up and moving forward, albeit starting over a few times has many many rewards....

  10. Wonderful work, so feminine and pretty !

  11. What a beautiful project! And your photos are amazing - they really make your bag and pinny stand out. Really, really nice! blessings, marlene

  12. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous bag. Your Tammy will be a joy for many years to come. Great job!

  13. Your work is amazing so bright and cheerful. Give yourself a pat on the back you finished it. I love to cross stitch, it is relaxing for me.

  14. You nailed it, Lana! Great finish and beautiful photos! Wow!

  15. Beautiful job. I'm with you on the video for putting that frame on. That was my biggest problem as well.

  16. It is gorgeous, Lana, and you used some of my favorite fabrics!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed the project and, yes, the stitching is really addictive. It is so much fun to see the picture emerge. You Pinny and your photos are amazing as well. Great job and deserving of top place today.

  17. I adore your pinnie, so cute and Congratulations on your first finish of the year, it's a great one!

  18. Your Tammy Bag and Pinny are awesome!

  19. I never would have guessed this was your first cross-stitch. Your bag and pinny are fantastic and they look amazing with your lovely white pumpkins! Beautiful.

  20. Never cross stitched before? Really? Amazing. You did great it looks wonderful. Well done you.

  21. Wow, that's great for a first cross stitch project. I absolutely adore your bag. I love the beads around the clasp too. I'm with you on the outfit, I'd love to wear something like that too.

  22. First time??? Your stitching is fabulous. Don't you just love the ripping out part? ;-) The extra bow on your pinny is just too much fun. I love how it is just the icing on the cake! Great job!

  23. Lovely stitching on your first counted cross stitch project. Lovely pictures of your completed Tammy bag and and pinny. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. You did an amazing job on your project. It turned out beautiful! Love this fabric with the stitchery, it is just perfect. Your pinny is SEW adorable! I absolutely LOVE the bow! and the buttons... it is the cutest pinny ever. Your stitching looks wondeful, and your pictures showcase your project so well. It's a beauty! x ~Cori

  25. Fabulous stitching, Lana! I really appreciate all the beautiful photos of the how-tos. This is not the type of work I have done in many years and did not feel my hands and eyes were up to this task for this hop. Seeing all these inspiring creations and methods make me think I may want to try an easy stitching project for myself. Thanks for the inspiration ... :) Pat

  26. Your did a great job and if you hadn't fessed up no one would have guessed this to be your first attempt at Cross Stitching. Loved your pinny too. Congrats on the finish.

  27. Yay, I'm glad you made it. You bag and pinny are georgeous! Fabulous finish!

  28. You did an amazing job with the cross stitching and pinny...both are just beautiful!

  29. Congrats on your first finish of 2015. You are ahead of me. When I saw your cross stitch in progress, I thought the suit would be adorable as a short sleeved jacket, too. I'm not one to change patterns. It just flitted into my pea brain. I adore the bow on the pinny - it's the perfect finishing touch. I can hardly believe this is your first cross stitch project - your stitching is amazing. Thank you for participating and being a great inspiration to all of us. You sure are the cover girl for what can be accomplished on a first try.

  30. It's wonderful, you did such a great job! Congrats!! :-)

  31. Wow,superb job! I love your Flea Market Fancy Tammy,and your photo shoot,eye Candy!

  32. Congrats on your first 2015 finish and it's a wonderful one, too. Really grand realizing it's your first cs. The handle is gorgeous and I loved the added extras on the pinny - perfect.

  33. Wow! you did an awesome job for the first time! Your work is just perfect. I couldn't find the DMC cloth in my local JoAnn and it totally threw me off.
    Its was to stop by your blog!

  34. This was not an easy project for a first-timer, and you did a fantastic job! It looks beautiful, and Flea Market Fancy was an ideal choice for the Tammy Bag. I like the little bow on the pinny and the buttons. The set has real style. Love it!

  35. Your first time! Amazing! Your bag is beautiful - you must be so proud of it and your lovely pinny.

  36. Hard to believe this is your first stitching project. Your work is beautiful. Your Pinny is adorable. Love the bow.

  37. A gorgeous first finish for 2015. It is just a cutie. The bag, pinny, and photography just beautiful. Love the little added bow.

  38. Beautiful bag! and your photos are wonderful.

  39. Just Lovely! So well done - and your first stitching? congrats!

  40. You did a fabulous job on your first cross-stitching project. Love both the bag and the pinny.

  41. Your tammy is sew pretty! I'm loving all the cross stitch I'm seeing lately!!

  42. Your bag is beautiful!! Love the Flea Market Fancy fabric, it goes so well with the cross stitch design. Tammy for all Seasons sent me.....

  43. First time? Wow. I am duely impressed. So many of you ladies just jumped right into a new adventure and made such beautiful projects. I love you fabric/colors. Can't wait to see the others when you make them. Thank you for sharing.

  44. A first time cross stitcher you did a fabulous job. Great fabric choices.

  45. Lana...your stitching is amazing. I'm a first time cross stitcher too and I'm loving it, I just wish I could count...I wouldn't get so frustrated. I've done so much 'frogging' and I'll be doing a lot more as I will be doing more cross stitching!! This was asuper fun blog hop. You did an amazing job stitching on the handle. I use about 12 pins and pin my handle on before I start stitching, I also use a Clover needle puller to pull the needle through the holes, especially at the seam areas. Happy stitching, Pauline

  46. such a sweet finish to start off the year -- just charming!

  47. Congratulaions on winning that fabulous hoop! No one deserves it more! :-)

  48. Wow, an amazing first cross-stitch project! Yes, you are superwoman. It's beautiful, and the pinny is adorable too. Way to go!

  49. Wow! Well done.... cross stitching is extremely addictive and will now take over your life!! :o)
    I love your first project and you have done an fantastic job of the finishing!
    Hugs xx

  50. It is so wonderful to see what my fellow stitchers are up to! Your work is so lovely. I'll be a frequent visitor to your blog!

  51. Nice work - unbelieveable that this is your first work !!