Friday, December 12, 2014

Creating Christmas...

This time of year makes everyone creative...
wouldn't you say? Whether it is just decorating your 
Christmas tree or constructing an entire theme for your
home's seems that EVERYONE
is creating something...

And so it is...with me.
I was visiting some of my favorite blogs yesterday ...
catching up actually...and I was enthralled in the annual
Holiday House Walk Tours HERE and HERE.


For example...

I have had the mirror below for many years and
I have never wanted to change it as it seems
to brighten up any room I have ever placed it in..

But this year for Christmas, I decided to print off some of my favorite
Christmas Carols and "frame" them... 
Now, I may not want to take it down
after the holidays!


One of my favorite Christmas movie quotes...
You guessed it...from It's A Wonderful Life...
I was so inspired by THIS yesterday, I couldn't 
wait to get home and start on it!!!

I just used some more of that bead board that I had
left over from our kitchen remodel...
(and no...I don't throw away ANY scraps!!!)
printed out the quote, trimmed them up and placed 
them on my boards...

I should have it finished but, I needed some supplies
that I don't usually buy...I guess that's what happens
when you spontaneously create!


Then...there were these...

I came across this little Christmas Village HERE

Again, this was such a quick 
and easy project that I couldn't resist.

I haven't decided if it will stay here or
go in my dining room window...
I still have lights to put up on that mantle 
along with some other items 
however I couldn't wait to see what it would look like...

I think I will LOVE it when I "glitter" it my friend Patty 
mentioned to me last night when she was previewing 
these projects...
She thinks she is sooooo smart.

Ok. She might actually be...SMART, that is...

And Finally...

Look at that beautiful dimple...and I think he is smiling...

An update about my sweet daughter and our grandson...

We are hopeful to say that he will be delivered this Monday!

We are so excited and no matter what the outcome is with his 
health issues, we are eager to welcome him into the family
with hugs and kisses...

Thank you for all your prayers and wonderful emails of support...
We have coveted them and appreciated every last one of them!
We know God is with us and we are able to praise Him 
no matter what the outcome!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Lovely decorating, Lana. I love the star above your mantle. Hope all goes well on Monday. Hugs, Christine.

  2. Your projects are all just beautiful. Everything looks so elegant. My prayers will be with all of you in extra doses this coming week. That surely is a sweet little dimple!

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  4. Lana your latest Grandson is gorgeous and I hope his health issues aren't as bad as they seem right now. Your projects look wonderful and your dimpled grandson will too. All my love always P xxx

  5. it looks so festive, how beautiful and your touches are simply to your wee tot that will be entering a world of love..