Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Cardinal stitching...

 A lovely lone yard of  red wool..
matched with a yard of cardinal fabric from Joann's...
Is just Dreamy...

I am still in learning mode about hand stitching in general,
but this piece of wool seemed to need larger, lazier stitches...
something not too formal and
perhaps even a little "twiggy" looking..

Even reversible maybe...
I used thread by Valdani
and they were just the right colors and weight
to just peek through that soft sea of red.

This stitching has kept my hands and mind busy 
these past few weeks and 
has made me love cardinals!!!

I love finishing items, especially when they are for Christmas don't you?


  1. Lana, I love the Cardinal fabric. I appreciate a fabric that can be Christmas and just plain winter. I'm all about double duty. If you care to share, whee do you find your banners. I'm still in the learning mode about blog building. Learning about all the social media and quilting at the same time is kinda hard on an old lady. But I feel I have accomplished a lot since January. Since I'm retiring this Christmas eve I'm really looking to learn a lot next year. You and your's havea Very Merry Christmas.

  2. This is beautiful. I agree, finishing Christmas items is the best.

    1. Isn't it fun??? I just popped over to your site and your stitching is AMAZING! I definitely need to learn how you do that!!!!

  3. It is gorgeous, just beautiful I love the fabric to pieces.