Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home Improvements...and a GIVEAWAY!

I wanted to share a few little home improvements today.
My home has had the furniture moved around millions of times.
Rooms have been painted and re-painted.
My sweet man and I have placed new carpeting in our den and a
couple of bedrooms that had seen its share of kids...
You know what I am talking about!

Well, we have been re-loving it again as of late...

The Story

My sweet man and I bought our home over 14 years ago.
It's your classic home in a little neighborhood
that has been around since the early 70s. 
There are no windows across the front of the entire house.
It has gray brick and no front porch.

The first time I saw it, we were looking at the two story across the street.
When the Realtor mentioned this house was for sale, I remember looking over
at my husband and saying...No. There's NO windows!
But like any woman, I was very interested in
finding out what the inside looked like. 
(You know you would have done the very same thing.) 
The minute we walked in and the front door closed, 
I knew it.
I was home.
Even without windows...
even with dull gray bricks.

That front door closed behind us and I realized the world disappeared. 
It was calm, silent and the smell of the lit candle in the kitchen 
hallway signed the deal right then and there for me.

The next look I gave my husband was the one that sold him on the house.
It was a huge purchase and with five children, we worried we couldn't really
afford it AND take a summer vacation too.

Somehow we did...
and boy am I grateful.

Well, with our nest empty again, we have decided to rekindle our love for 
our little home...I have been filling empty spaces with little homemade goodies...
and my sweet man has been granting wishes for me...

This is just the latest...
Our little kitchen wall.

It isn't finished yet, but picture it with a beautiful shelf
across the top of those boards,  painted all white...
(let's face it..that is YELLOW pine and WILL YELLOW with stain...ick!)
and then a lovely shade of green above.

I can just picture exactly how I want this to go and I am excited
to finish it and start my next little project!


Honey, I didn't mean it...COME BACK!!!!!


Oh well...

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April Showers Honeycomb
Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics

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  1. Isn't it interesting to see how we rekindle our homes when we are empty nesters? We just did our front yard and added that front porch. Love it!

  2. I think it's so fun to change things around and feel like it's a new adventure.

  3. I just put a new planter right in front of my front porch. It's not finished, I still want to add some pots of plants, but it's a good start!

  4. I relove our bedroom since we bought new furniture for it.

  5. Can't wait to see it when it is fnished! Looks like it will be gorgeous!

  6. I am getting anxious to move to a new space. My husband got a promotion to a new position in San Antonio and we are moving to the little town of Buda which is somewhat splitting the difference between our two jobs.

  7. How unusual to not have any windows at the front! I'm looking forward to seeing the room finished.

  8. You are off to a good start! What an interesting house! I'm just like you. I want to know what is inside, and when I walk in a house I know immediately if I am home!
    I feel motherly toward houses. The more it needs loving, the more I want it! I am in the process of "re-loving" other people's cast offs since I no longer have any of my own. What fun!

  9. Hate remodeling but LOVE the final result!

  10. I have been working on the outside. of our house. Planted 10 trees and am now watching them leaf out. So far it looks like they will all survive the transplant trauma. I have grown all of them from tiny seedlings. Love your house.

  11. What an interesting house. I don't think I've seen a house with no windows on the front before. We just recently replaced the sink in our downstairs bathroom. I'm loving not having to look at cracked porcelain anymore! :)

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  14. Very beautiful home improvement and give-away. I would also like to remodel my kitchen in Bo'ness. Loved the simple yet elegant make over you have performed on your interior design.

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