Friday, October 21, 2011

Something I never noticed....

Every day at lunch, I slip away from my desk 
and go into one of our spare offices.
I browse all your lovely blogs...

This week, one such blog prompted me
to come home and look through 
some of the quilts that were left to me by my 
mom's mother and I began to see 
things I never appreciated before about 
one of my favorite quilts that she made.

From back here, you don't notice much...
but come with me, while I show you what I 
noticed today, in part, 
because of all I have learned from
reading all of your blogs when 
I first started quilting ...

First, this quilt is completely hand made, no sewing machine needed.
I believe it is called a window quilt.or something close to that...
if you know the official name, comment and let me know!

Second...every fabric in this quilt is a piece of one of my
grandmother's dresses or shirts...and she cut nearly all of them...
in a fussy cut.

Next, even though her stitches may not be the best, or the 
most creative, it is all her stitching and I am pretty 
impressed at how uniform and perfect it looks.

I know this is a HUGE QUILT by ANY STANDARDS.
and I have it on good authority that she only quilted on her bed.
Can you see how she pieced this entire quilt - hand sewing 
one block at a time to another block?
and let me tell you ...that the quilt is all cotton 
and the thread is still strong.

But here is the cool part...

Mind you, I have had this quilt for about 15 years.
and I use this quilt...every winter.
In a small corner of this lovely masterpiece,
My grandmother signed the quilt.

She put her name..first and last.
and then...
something I hadn't seen.
She put the date she started the quilt... 3/28/1976
and the date she finished.... 9/20/1977

This quilt weighs14.3 lbs.
It has NO batting...just fabric and thread.

I love this quilt on my bed...the weight 
of it hugs me to sleep every winter night...

Such a legacy...and I didn't even really 
appreciate how much time, work and love 
that went into it...
but I finally do now.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt, it's so nice to remember people through their amazing work! I'm sure you'll cherish it forever.

    The block is a Cathedral Window.

  2. That is a Cathedral Windows quilt, and yours is an absolute treasure. I believe most quilters consider it to be one of the more difficult and time-consuming quilts to make. A king size will use approximately 30 yards of fabric for just the white parts of the quilt. I love that she used pieces of her clothing.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad you've realized what a treasure you have!

  3. Just beautiful! It's amazing how sentimental quilts keep us "warm".

  4. All that hand sewing and it only took her a year. That is amazing. What a beautiful quilt.

  5. I love Cathedral Windows. I have always wanted to make one. I stared once. I ended up with a pillow.. LOL. I didn't cut the muslin on the grain line, so I got frustrated and quit.. someday I will start again now that I have learned my lesson.

  6. What a beautiful quilt and filled with so much love from your Grandmother. Definitely a treasure!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful and what a treasure! I've always wanted to learn to make that quilt!

  8. what a treasure it is! It is beautiful

  9. Yes, it is a Cathedral Window quilt. I can teach you how to make one if you ever come visit. It's not difficult, but is time consuming. Yours is beautiful!!!What a wonderful treasure. Its great that she signed her name and the dates on it!

  10. What a beautiful quilt. And what a wonderful treasure.

  11. How sweet. It is a beautiful quilt. I can see why it would be a favorite and how fun to discover the signature after all this time.

  12. Like the others have said, its a Cathedral Window or Cathedral glass quilt. My mom has been working on one on and off for at least 30 years. My brother and I will fight to the death over that quilt if something ever happens to my parents. It holds so many memories and scraps of things she has made us (mostly me!)

  13. One of the ladies in our quilters guild has been working on a Cathedral Windows quilt for over five years. At every meeting she sits quietly hand sewing, working on her masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing! Your quilt is beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful keepsake to treasure for generations. It's beautiful Lana!!