Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IDIOT !!!!!

Did I mention we went to the ranch last weekend?
and that it was over 100 degrees?

or that I spent max about 28 mins in the direct sunlight?

Oh, I worked...

But on Saturday, 
I was sick as a dog!!!
I even went out to the truck and laid down 
while my sweet man
shopped all alone in our favorite store. 
No fun.
Sunday, I think I made up for it...
even though..
I rammed my head into another post!
(on the other side this time though... 
just like last weekend...)

 I think I need a new pair glasses 
or else I need to buck up and put on 
those stupid snake boots so 
I will quit looking down
at my feet!

However, I digress.

That 28 minutes of SUN did a REAL number on me!!!
I won't show you any photos of me...just look at the
block photo above that I made for my swap partner...
and it tells MY story quite  nicely...
Shall we all say it together? (see my post title)
Now....where did I put that bottle of Advil...


  1. Oh my - I say put on the boots ;)

  2. You are not and I refuse to say it! We all have our off days or weeks or months or even years (2004-2006 for me)

  3. Over here in Australia we see a lot of toasted tourists in summer even though there are warnings on TV and the radio about covering up and wearing a hat. It's so easy to forget when you're busy though :(.