Friday, April 22, 2011

I will remember you...

My sweet Mom went home to be with the Lord last night. 
A woman of great character with a servant's heart 
was welcomed into Heaven into the open arms of her Lord. 
She was greeted by her two sons, and the sweetheart of her life, Dad.
I couldn't ask for anything more...

My comfort comes from this verse:
Matthew 6:19-21
19Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, 
where moth and rust doth corrupt, 
and where thieves break through and steal:
 20But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, 
where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, 
and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
 21For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

So, Mom, My heart is there with you, 
Dad, David and Richard...and in a little while,
We will never have to say goodbye again.
What a sweet way to celebrate the promise of Easter this year.

I love and miss you already and am blessed greatly
for having you as my Mom.


  1. I know your heart is breaking again. I am so sorry for your pain. I am so glad you know the Father because when the hard times ahead come, when there is no comfort, all that can carry us through is to know this earth is not our final destination.

    You have been on my heart for days. Your faith is an inspiration for others.

  2. My deepest condolences in the passing of your mother. Know that God's love will help you through this time...

  3. God bless you and may your pain be eased ... deepest sympathy for your mother's passing. Warm heart hugs.

  4. My heart hurts for you. I have been where you are and know the pain of losing my parents. How precious it is to have God's promise of another life with those we love! I will be lifting you and your family up to the Lord for comfort. Rhonda

  5. My deepest sympathy for your Heartache

  6. Oh, Lana, I'm so sorry. Darla's comment says so well what I am thinking. Our prayers are with you and with your son, who has lost his grandmother.

  7. Dear Lana - Sorry for your loss - it's so hard to lose a dear Mom. Hugs...

  8. Dear Lana, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost my own Mom 30 years ago, and I still miss her. Because you see, no one loves you like your Mom does. So thankful that your sweet Mom is with her Heavenly Savior. Blessings to you on this Resurrection weekend.

  9. Cherish her memories and remember the good times Lana.....I will hold you and your family in my prayers....Always, Faye

  10. My prayers and sympathy in the loss of your Mother. She will always be with you in your heart and in your memories.

  11. so sorry for your LOSS. everything is different after Mpm's gone. my prayer are for you and your family at this time

  12. I am crying for you Lana! Im so sorry! I will continue to pray for your family!

  13. My deepest sympathy to you and your family in this difficult time.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, but you have expressed such wonderful memories of her. How nice to be remembered with such love.

    Billie in TX

  15. I am so sorry, Lana, but there is great joy in knowing that she is there with others she loves. My prayers are with you.

  16. Lana, this is a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She is indeed in a better place. Prayers for you and your family!