Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Finish...Baby Nate's Quilt


Well, I finally finished at 4:30 a.m., placed Nate's little quilt
in the washer and went to bed.
Got up a little late, but still in time for the shower for Nate's Mommy, 
but when I pulled it from the dryer, I noticed it had a little yellow stain.
Back into the washer it went!
An hour later, out of the dryer it came AGAIN
and all super soft, warm and squishy...and no fabric softener stains! YAY!
Problem though...shower already in full swing...
and I am about 45 minutes across town.
I didn't make it.

Not to worry though, I will see them later 
and she will still get to take it home 
to her awaiting little nursery...
and from what I hear...all decked out in powder blue...

I chose to do a baby quilt that was 
not so baby in look, but definitely in FEEL.
The combination of flannel and cotton 
guaranteed the overall softness.
I must say, I do like the way it looks...

Nate's mommy was wanting a "grow with" sort of room,
and this quilt will definitely not scream baby forever...

Even though I didn't make the actual shower (at 10:30 a.m.) 
the quilt was finished in time for baby Nate!


  1. Awesome "little boy" quilt! I love how you used flannel and cotton. Little Nate will love it.

  2. What a neat design Lana! I really like the way you pieced the back too! A quilt to keep for a long time!

  3. Good job! I know little Nate will love it!!! Doesn't it feel great to give something you've spent so much time and love making?

  4. It is a really pretty quilt. Surely the mom will appreciate it. Thanks for showing it to us.
    Mª José (majogonga)

  5. What a wonderful baby quilt! I really like the idea of mixing the cotton and the flannel fabrics.