Friday, February 4, 2011


I have been Hijacked! 
My little friend Patty decided to cheer me up and post her snow pics...
What a GREAT surprise! I now have SNOW pics to show!!!!

Gotta love sweet friends!

It has come to my attention that a certain friend is feeling a little neglected shall we say and utterly disappointed by the lack of white stuff that appears to be falling practically ALL over Texas right now. (Even as I so craftily "hack" into her blog)
SOOOO.............Lana, this is for you and all your friends in "blogdom"
 Bluebird House anxiously awaiting the new "couple"
 Had to keep filling birdfeeder.....they were hungry!

 Pool was prettier before son trampled on the snow.
And please don't kill me.........I love you!


  1. What makes the snow in Texas so bad.. is the fact that there are NO danged snow plows.. so the snow just sits on the streets.. and then people THINK they can drive on it.. "I'm from the north they cannot". and so it get's packed down.. and does turn into ice on the streets that they cannot plow.. it is terrible here in TX now.. and now we have snow on top of ice.. oh I moved south for the warmth!!

  2. SNOW!!! It finally arrived just for Lana!!

  3. You gals are cracking me up. At Least Lana has a snow picture even if it wasn't hers. My snow is alllll gone except a spot or two.

    Marcia, we have plows just not for snow.

  4. *points and laughs* Too cute!