Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Houston???

That's right, we are expecting snow on Friday...crazy.
Maybe I will have some great pics to show, and maybe we will even have a day off...
That might make it worth it...we will see.

Many of you remember that my hubby was out of work for a while...(see this)

Well Thursday, he has an important interview...and we are looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
I know a lot of you either are out of work, or know friends that have lost jobs...I SO GET THAT.
One of my friends was out of work until recently, for almost 2 years...
God has provided for us in more abundance than we would ever deserve, and we are so grateful...
But for my man, I am hoping for a good interview. 
Fingers are crossed and prayers have been voiced...


  1. So far we've only gotten low temp (16s-20s) and winds, very little liquid from the sky. Just checked..yep..60% snow on Thurs night predicted..then on down to you... It's hard working/driving in snow when you're not used to it! At least ours is at night...

  2. Toes, fingers and bunny ears crossed for a wonderful interview and job offer to follow for your husband.
    This weather is wonky! It was 76 yesterday here in NC and today it's 47. Brrrr!
    Happy year of the rabbit. Nose bonks to sweet Cotton from Sugie and Harrington.
    xx, shell

  3. I just wish Mother Nature would stop playing tricks on us. I'm tired of winter....bring on the spring!

    Hoping Bill has a great interview today. You are in my thoughts and prayers.... keep smiling:)

  4. I'll send a couple of extra prayers for your husband today! And nothing but good thoughts in the job hunt department.
    The last time I was in Houston there was an ice storm (that was around 30 years ago). Pretty to look at but definitely not nice to drive in. Stay warm!!

  5. Good luck for your husband! I'll be sending positive thoughts his way today!

  6. I hope the interview went well for your husband.