Monday, February 14, 2011

Friendship Star Variation and Cool Cotton

For my Block Swap Adventure partner, Tamera, I made this...
She asked for browns, orange and fall colors.
This is a first for me with this block, but It was an easy one.
It makes a nice block - and I can't wait to see it in her quilt.

 As for our weekend, we had such a nice one. The weather was 
beautiful, warm, sunny and about 70 degrees.
I guess God just knew we needed it!
We went to our ranch and spent the entire weekend
being lazy, taking walks, eating with friends and
sharing a simply wonderful Valentine dinner with Bill's dad
at his retirement community...such sweet people he
has for neighbors...

We have a feeder in front of the house at the ranch, and
we have spoiled a few little deer and turkeys to eating
at a certain time each day...we just sit back and watch them and love
how peaceful and pretty they are.
I wanted to take some pictures to show you, but my cell 
phone wasn't good with long distance, so I decided to
see if my cell phone could take a photo if i focused it
through the lens of my telescope...

They aren't great, but you will get to see them.
Next time I will take my Canon!

and finally, I promised some "Cool Cotton"...
and here she is...

She loves to go to the ranch with us and 
sit in the front seat...
but apparently from now on, 
not without her COOL Shades.
We just call her,

I hope your weekend was just as fun!

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  1. How much fun is that!
    Love the shades, Cotton!