Monday, January 3, 2011

Designing woman!

I did ask Bill for one 
special thing for Christmas...

He finished it up today... 
Can you guess what it was?
My OWN DESIGN wall!!!!
I couldn't believe when he said he 
wasn't sure if he liked it!
I thought...I LOVE IT!
Now, I can take down the little scrap of 
material I had pinned on my curtain rod
and let the sun in!!!
Not to mention,
I can arrange my quilt blocks
without having to go to
the living room floor!
I really love it. 
Thank you honey 


Now...Here's what I have been working on in
between holiday happenings.

You can already see one item, although
I know I will rearrange it ...
It's on my design wall above...

But here's what else...
This is my first tea cup block...EVER.
I made this for my December Block Swap
partner...I haven't heard from her
but I hope she liked it.
You wouldn't believe how many came 
before the final one you are looking at!
Oh, well, I did try...

And then there is this little cutie..
Bill brought me this fabric back from Ohio 
when he went on a service call...

I have decided that this one
is going to be my little own "rag quilt".
I know I should give it to someone with a baby..
but I can't part with the polka dots!

and finally...I wanted to share my
two favorite sleeping beauties...

my little Godson...

and my little Cotton girl...

I hope your new year started off


  1. Hey swap buddy! I love the design wall and am so jealous! Mine is tiny! I miss the ginormous one I had long ago. BTW Cotton is adorable! I love bunnies and had them all growing up. Happy New Year!

  2. What fabric did your DH use on the design wall? - I'd love one. cheers Jennifer

  3. What a fantastic design wall!! Your teacup block is adorable - I love the colors.
    What darling sleeping beauties - thanks for sharing both of them.

  4. Supportive husbands are true blessings! I thank God every day for mine as I know you do also. The design wall is great!

  5. Beautiful photos of the sleeping beauties !!!

  6. Love your new design wall. I'd like to receive your post updates via e-mail. Can you put something on your blog to allow me to do that? dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com