Monday, September 21, 2009

Quilts for Kids

It all started one day at lunch...I was surfing looking for sewing sites...AND MAN DID I FIND THEM! That's when I found a program called Quilts for Kids...
It's a neat program that asks you use your talents to make small quilts for children that have cancer. It just gives these children something to cling to while they go through their treatments.
The program provides strict guidelines to making the quilts, (so they will last through all the machine washing that they will have to endure) that actually simplify the process for you the quilter! Quilts for Kids will provide you with a material kit to make the quilt, (you only have to purchase the batting) with the promise on your part to return it within four weeks made to the correct specifications... You can even send one of your own so two children can benefit!
How awesome is that?
So, I emailed Quilts for Kids and they sent out my fabric and instructions! My quilt was perfect for me! It was a baseball-themed-quilt for a little boy! (I am such a HOUSTON ASTROS fan -- my sewing room is painted in Astros colors!!!)
I couldn't wait to get started!...and here it is...all nice an finished...
I can't wait to send it off!...oh, and the other reason this is also so special for me...

This is my first finished quilt EVER! I couldn't think of a better cause to propel me into finishing one...and now I AM HOOKED! Look out are all getting quilts for Christmas! and, I will send a quilt or two every few months back to the Quilts for Kids project...
Check it will love the feeling of your special quilt finished, all warm- fresh out of the dryer, and ready to be sent to a little boy or girl that will love the comfort of it....

I made my own binding out of some baseball material I found...not bad... :)

my favorite little looks like baseball stitching!

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  1. I like that. My boys would like that especially Cody-he likes baseball.