Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wild Wild West of the Hidden Cross

When we headed out last week to the ranch for vacation,
I felt very confident about finishing my Hidden Cross quilt 
I had been working on for my friend Patty's daughter - Courtney...
who was getting married that at the end of the week...
After all, I had the ENTIRE WEEK...right?
Cotton says...WAIT FOR IT....WAIT FOR IT....
Sew...just to be sure we didn't forget anything - 
(the ranch is a good 5 1/2 hrs from Houston)
I started packing the night before--- EARLY in the evening.
NO procrastinating here -  I tell you!


I was up EARLY  and surveying all my packing...
Sewing machine...check!
Quilt top...check!
Sewing notions...check!
Cutting board...check!
My little bunny Cotton's bag...check!
I am ready to go!

The suitcase was all packed and ready to go out
and all my other items were
on the table by the door. 

Bill loaded us up quickly 
(while I posted here before we left for the week)
and then we literally ran and jumped in the truck!

Whooo Hooooo! 

Nothing like having a kiss from your travel bunny!

Twenty minutes later - we turned around and headed home.
Bill left his wallet - so I ran into the house, into the bedroom 
grabbed it off the bed and ran back out to the truck!

Ok, so ...perhaps we weren't supposed to 
be that far ahead of schedule...
All is good! And we're OFF!


It's almost dark when we reach the ranch, but WE HAVE ARRIVED!

I begin to unload the truck...after all, that blogging thing...
while Bill loaded the truck...
It was my turn was my thinking!


No suitcase.
Oh, I had MY suitcase.
But the HUGE one I packed for the ranch and Bill?
It NEVER made it out of the bedroom.


Can we say how wonderful my sweet man is here?
With just what he had on his back...
he sat back and just laughed!
when I went into the bedroom to get his wallet!


The next morning, after coffee and a trip to Wally World for a 
few clothes for Mr. Bill...I was home and sewing!

In NO TIME...I had the final two sashings on the quilt.

Again...I couldn't resist taking all the photos...
Patting myself on the back  for how
good I was doing on time...
It was just MONDAY.


I went to my trusted fabric bag, 
you know...the one with all the supplies
that I had checked off?


The backing for the quilt was in 
Safely tucked in my sewing closet...
for the day when I would need it.

At that moment there was silence..

and then.....

this thought:
(where is that rat poison?? )

followed by:
sob sob sob sob 
snot snot snot
gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair 
and collapsed in a fetal position
after rolling in the floor 
kicking my legs in the air like a 
dying cockroach.

(ok, maybe a little dramatic...)

Bill loaded my wadded mess of a self
up in the truck and drove me to 
Fredricksburg, TX  to the nearest fabric store
and I came out with a very suitable backing fabric in no time!
(Remember that phone call Linda....Thanks!)

I am calm again.

Isn't that golden tan fabric beautiful?

Again, I was sewing...
Man, this is a HUGE quilt for my little
Wally world Brother Quilting series
sewing machine...

and then continued to sew...

Lana: Honey, what time is it???

 Bill: TUESDAY...

I was not to be BEATEN!
By the time we left the ranch on Wednesday
to head to Patty's house in Denison,
I had the quilt all quilted and had the 
binding attached.

I saved the hand stitching of the binding for the car...
and another SIX HOUR drive.

Tired yet?
WELL, Hang on Nellie...
this horse is headed to the barn!

In the end...
the quilt was lovely...

and I learned a LOT 
(my muscles were jello
from wrangling that big ole quilt in my 
little ole machine...)

 And Patty's home showcased it beautifully....

And the gorgeous bride and her handsome groom
along with her parents were very happy!

Cutter, Courtney, Patty and Butch

Is it dumb that I am going to miss that 
little, sweet, wonderful and adorable quilt???


Thank you for hanging in there with me...
This was so fun!!!



  1. The quilt turned out beautifully! Had to laugh along with Bill about the suitcase being left behind. Thank goodness there was a quilt shop not too awfully far from your cabin. I'm sure the bride and groom will absolutely love your quilt made with love....and tears. Have a wonderful weekend, Lana!

  2. The quilt turned out beautifully as said above and I'm sure the bride and groom will love it. You really do sew to perfection. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend enjoying yourself enormously.

  3. Great post...............kicking my legs in the air like a dying cockroach....I'm laughing. You quilt is wonderful!

  4. Your quilt turned out just beautiful in spite of several hickups. LOL You actually had me laughing out loud (guess this is where I am supposed to type LOL) while reading this post. You do have a way of telling a story. I love it. So glad I found your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. It turned out beautifully! What a great job you did! What a memory you made with all that! (You know if nothing goes wrong during a vacation, it is not as memorable!)
    I thought you were in Kerrville at the quilt shop? Remember.....Creations?
    I'm so glad your quilt came out so well despite all the set backs!!

  6. I loved your dialogue for this blog. Now there were some glitches in your plans but you managed to overcome them. Yeah you. Pat yourself on the back.

  7. Lol! Linda! You are right!!!! It was Creations in Kerrville!!! It must have been that rat poison affecting my memory! Uh...wonder how long that takes to wear off???

  8. Beautiful quilt and I am totally inspired that you quilted it on your Brother. I just got a machine like that last week and I hope I can learn to do that!!!