Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A new look for a new day...

Imagine getting an email...of your own blog...and thinking...wow, that took a long time to show up...I posted last Thursday.
Then imagine opening said email of your blog and seeing that your best friend has gleefully hacked into your blog to tell the world about you!
In the midst of such a hard time for our family, my friend Patty, the joy in my soul, knew the best way to cheer me up would be to not let the little blog here go another day without a little sunshine.
I have to say, as I read it, I laughed at all the funny things she and I have done....the pj thing in front of the school...TRUE. What she didn't say was that once or twice, we actually sat there talking until it was actually time to PICK UP those kids of ours! LOL!
Anyway, today is a new day...and so I decided to seek out a new look...
I found this little background this morning...and it wasn't until I tried it out that to my Happy surprise, I saw the little rabbit by the wagon...and it that it looks just like my little Cotton! Needless to say...it's staying!

A new look for a new day!

I am looking forward to getting into the studio today and catching up on all my LATE blocks and getting them in the mail tomorrow!

I definitely have enjoyed seeing the comments left yesterday - they did indeed cheer me up!
One last thought...
Life is all about change. Sometimes I am good with it. Other times...not so much...this is one of those seasons for me in our family. I want my mom to be here forever, but she won't be...but I can love her bunches more before she goes home...and then it will just be a little while before I will see her again...and then there will never be THIS sort of change ever again... and God said that was a promise. I am holding Him to it.
I love you Mom.


  1. What a very sweet post Lana. My own Mom passed away when I was in my 20's. It's been a lot of years, and I have missed her very much. She never met her grandchildren, but I know she will one day. I love your new background. It says Spring. Spring says New Life and Renewal. Have a blessed day!


  2. I'm so glad you're back! I hope your heart is a little lighter and you can hold on to those promises that some day we'll be saying, "Wow, and I was hesitant to give up that life?" What a sweet photo of your son and his grandmother.

  3. Your mom looks like a lovely, lovely lady. Mothers are irreplaceable - I lost mine to breast cancer when I was 17. I hope you have many special times with yours before she goes home. :) Hugs to you!

  4. Sure missed you while your were gone. Your mom looks like a very special lady, but then she must be because she raised an extraordinary daughter. A special hug for you today. Just know I'm thinking about you.
    Love the new background. It so fits you!

  5. Lana I love the new look, perfect for spring! Im lucky my Mom is healthy, but as we both know there are no promises in life. My grandmother was another mom to me and my best friend and I miss her every day!

  6. Your blog is beautiful and the bunny, very sweet! God Bless and warm heart hugs to you!