Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever done this???

Well, as much as I would love to say my quilting is perfect....
It's not!
The good thing about mistakes is that they can ALWAYS be fixed!
Nothing ever has to be thrown out!

So it is...with my Friday Night Sew-In Quilt...I am making this for a friend of mine's baby-to-be...
and found this!

Ever had this happen to you?
Well, I hadn't!
But I didn't want to throw this quilt out and start over....
I have a STRONG adversion to ripping out all those already sewn stitches!
So, here's what I did!

First, I cut a strip the length of that side of my quilt.
I made sure to make it wide enough as to not have any more problems!!!

Then I folded 1/4 inch up and ironed one side of it.

Next, I placed the strip on my quilt where my boo-boo was!

I had to match up my previous sewing seam with the ironed fold so I could make it look like it belonged there...and pin it all safe and sound!

Once that was all done, I took it to my machine, and slowly and carefully began sewing (on the front side) down the original sewing line I had before.

Carefully removing pins as I went!
Once I was finished, I folded the newly added piece over and ironed it down.
It looked like this...

Not too bad if I do say so myself!
I only had to trim it underneath where the original material was (so it would lay flat) and then trim the top to the size of the quilt.

This took all of 20 minutes to do, (MUCH LESS than if I had removed all the stitching on the back of the quilt that I had already done to start over...) and it is now ready to be quilted and then bound.

Back on always a good thing...


  1. Good save and it looks like a pretty quilt too. Can we see it when you get done?

  2. what a great fix! No one will ever know...unless they read this post of course. :)

  3. Only you and everybody in blogland will ever no that there was a boo-boo on this quilt ;) Wonderful repair job!

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